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Black Five

Orange Juice – Tongues Begin To Wag

I picked this up in a local record shop for a couple of quid (big up Dragon Records). It wouldn’t be out of place on a disconotdisco type comp and hard to fathom it was a B-Side. It just goes to show there’s plenty out there for cheap. Possibly well known but completely passed me by until a few months ago.

Napoli Disco Club – Balla Sigaretta

How do you like your cheese? Tweaked and edited? I’m a total sucker for these types of pianos.

It’s a Fine Line – Grease

This has recently turned up on the new (ish) album by IAFL. However it first came out on the great I’m a Cliche label in 2009. So good they put it out twice! This is the sound of Smagghe and co having fun – more of this please.

Gesloten Cirkel – Chasing Away The Night

For some unknown reason the less I play out the more ‘dance’ records I buy. Clinging on to distant clubbing memories or the fact there is a plethora of great electronic music to be greedily consumed, maybe a bit of both. Here’s a prime example of a total banger I like to play to myself of an evening. More quality from one of the most consistent labels around.

Beyond The Wizards Sleeve – White Crow (Erol Alkan Dub)

If I was to listen to this blindfolded I would have said (with hope) it was a lost early Pye Corner Audio track. When he was at his pomp. It isn’t. It’s Erol Alkan turning his hand at one of his own. The dub, always check the dub! The way it opens up in the last third, better for me than anything on the recent album.