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So many (good) ideas. An explosion of styles and sound. I keep coming back to these songs for inspiration. A label that could house the brutal with the beautiful and make it work. To me like many ‘things’ the sweet spot is the early stuff.¬†Records for the head, heart and feet.

The Don Vincent

There are very few producers in modern electronic music that can consistently give that goosebump feeling in the way that a Levon Vincent production can.

He seems to have that balance of not too much, nor too little down and always raw machine made soul.

It was impossible to pick five so here are ten LV essentials…

Mute 79 – 83

I bought a Mute record recently that I didn’t know. It’s probably quite an obvious one, but like many things it completely passed me by, it’s Duet Emmo – Or So It Seems btw. Beamed from the future in 1983. Like a lot of art, it’s the early stuff that is the most exciting.
Going through those early Mute releases, the sheer quality and hit rate is mind blowing. 5 Below that still find their way into my bag.
Ps I know Throbbing Gristle was a re-issue by Mute, but it shows they had excellent taste!

This Stuff Is Strong

So it was 303 day yesterday but for some of us it’s acid every day, a classic sound that never dates and something we always find room for in our sets.

It did get me thinking about five timeless acid numbers that still sound as fresh as the day they were conceived though…