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We’ve featured the work of Matt Edwards and his Rekids label on here before but this time i’m keen to focus on the music made under his Quiet Village moniker alongside Joel Martin. Simply put it’s delicately incredible.

Five you should know below…


Well – not quite, but he is unstoppable. SO many styles and so much talent. Dip in and get lost.

Alchemulator, Bontempi 666, Calimex Mental Implant Corp., Clendon Toblerone, Commanchee’s Revenge, Commanding The Beast, Coverti World, Danny Blanco, Danny Wolfers, Dickie Smabers, Dickie Smabers & The Moerwijk Crew, Florenza Mavelli, Franz Falckenhaus, Gladio, House Of Jezebel, Jackmaster Corky, Klaus Weltman, Lords Of Midnite, Nacho Patrol, Nomad Ninja, Occult Orientated Crime, Phalangius, Polarius, R-Zone, Raheem Hershel, Ray Escortienda, Rising Sun Systems, Saab Knutson, Salamandos, Sammy Osmo, Satomi Taniyama, Seaside Houz Boyz, Smackos, Squadra Blanco, Star Shepherd, The Psychic Stewardess, Twilight Moose, Ufocus, Venom 18, Westside Box Savants

Different Klasse

A label of more recent times that I always keep an eye on and play a lot of the output from is Klasse Wrecks.

They cover a lot of ground and cover it really dubby well. Five from a first first Klasse wrecking crew below…