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Ian David Loveday

I have loved UK don Ian Loveday’s music for a very long time. Tragically he passed away in 2009 in his mid fifties. The futuristic and timeless nature of so much of his music means the mark he left behind can be enjoyed by others for a long time to come.

Five that never fail below…

True To It’s Name

Idle Press is a label run by the rather brilliant DJ Sundae. It couldn’t be described as prolific, releasing a handful of music in the six years it has been going. But then again less is more!

A little bit of everything – from edits to a repress and some originals. Quality over quantity wins every time.

Queen Bea

Someone who has really stood out to me over the last while is Beatrice Dillon. There is a real sense of freedom & experimentation to her music and it all comes across as being innovative & unique.

Five that sound like they were captured in the right moment below…

A Bit Of A Rong-Un

Rong records knew where the party was. Nice mix of edits and originals that to my ears sound as good as ever. Think these can still be picked up for not a lot. The kind of records that never leave the bag.