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Warp Factor

There are very few labels that boast a back catalogue quite like the one that belongs to UK institution Warp Records (now also films). I love their diversity and so much of their output, especially the earlier releases that have remained perfectly frozen in warehouse abusing time.

Outside of well known perenials such as LFO & Windowlicker, here are another ten I always return to.


I think Mr Bones and I both agree on the talent of this artist. Manfredas is one of those producers whose music makes us smile. When I first heard him he reminded me of Zongamin, with his use of percussion mixed with queasy bass/base. (More music please Mr Zongamin!)

Always done with a psychedelic sense of fun and adventure that really works for the dance floor, dig in…

The Art Of Dance

One of my favourite artists from the Motor City is Kenny Larkin, although he seems to basque in the shadows of his peers at times. Kenny like Carl Craig comes from the second wave of Detroit artists and DJs that arrived after the Belleville innovators had paved the way. His connection with synths and hardware is absolute genius and he has a very distinctive sound. Here are five KL jams both old and more recent that all sound like they were beamed in from another galaxy.

Got Any Ting Tings Mate?

I had previously done a post ‘bass and drums’ touching upon this type of music. Stripped back, raw, dubby, often mixing the ‘dark’ with the ‘disconotdisco’. Hard to do right, many have tried and failed. We at BB HQ decided to do a dub of a dub of a post punk classic as part of our free ‘dubs’. That’s a lot of dubs in one sentence! The original Maximum Joy track (feat. below) is genius and good to go, we just took it down a slightly more stripped back darker territory for our recent mix with a quick scalpel – for those that like that type of thing. GRIP IT HERE and listen to some other classics in that style.