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A Lot Of Effort…

Can’t believe it has been 15 years since Trevor Jackson pulled the plug on his rather brilliant Output Recordings. I feel that we could do with some more labels with this type of vision and attention to detail – that being said – running a label doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.
“I saw people I thought were my friends turn into monsters, sycophantic fools jump bandwagons quicker than sneaker styles, and individuals I thought were affiliates stab me in the back without even thinking twice. Babysitting grown adults is not a skill I possess, so I am more than happy to pass the gauntlet on to trust-funded pseudo-indies with fat pockets and no imagination. Let them deal with paranoid artists with inflated egos who believe their own hype and request tour riders fit for royalty.” – Trevor Jackson.

Band Dance

This particular topic creeps up a lot in our conversations as we both share a love for the great loose, frenetic energy that comes from a band making a proper dance floor number. It’s something we are really on a mission to incorporate into our own original material by working & recording with a range of talented musicians, that we can edit and arrange in our studio.

Here are five with that band make dance music vibe, that never fail!

Plus a cheeky little BB nip and tuck (HERE) of the Boomtown Rats…


Dom Thomas is part of the amazing B-Music team of diggers and DJs. His own label Brutal Music follows the same sensibilities of digging out and releasing ‘oddities’ that the more adventurous dance floor could get down to. I love this stuff and wish more club nights would play these types of sounds. Always felt you got an education when B-Music DJs took to the decks – joyful stuff.


True Groove

There is something about alot of those early US house & techno labels that got that club potion executed so damn correctly. That balance of raw with just the right amount of elements, meaning their releases can still be played with maximum effect today. Sadly 80% of what you hear in dance music thesedays is so desperately santised, it often lacks personality and as a result I can’t see it being remembered or revisted as fondly.

Nu Groove has one of those astonishing back cats that I always revisit when I want to play something with a real sense of tension.

Five timeless NG belters below…