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From Middle Earth

Rohan Walder aka Randomer is someone who is consistently pushing things forward. I love him most in raw electro mode and also his own take on afro drum workouts. Heavy distorted kicks, crunchy percussion and yet always seeming to pack the funk. Five below that if you are gonna go raw, go Random.

Bone Five

Some people have been really pushing things this year with stuff becoming a lot less predictable and more risks being taken, here are five that got multiple plays from me in 2017.

Hands down a favourite artist this year was Manfredas, also check the amazing Glass Walk track from last year and his incredible remix of Moscoman’s Devoue.

A standout house track of the year on a label that’s been on a fine run of form, sounds like what I imagine Kid Creole could have concocted if on a house tip. A very clever sample workout indeed!

Credit to the edit, Kieran Hebden with a masterclass in how to cut up a killer funk track and ready it for modern day dancefloors.

Never failed in 2017.

Another stand out year for the amazing L.I.E.S record label out of NYC, which included releasing the great long player Pacific Alley by Krikor Kouchain. A camp consistently doing there own thing!

An all killer compilation this year came in the form of Elsewhere MCMXIII, packed with the kind of weird stripped back electronics that I absolute lap up. It included the ace Feta Version by Centre Of The Universe.

Black Five

Here are 5 tunes that I particularly enjoyed from 2017. No reissues, edits or old gold. Impossible to give you a top 5 as it would change by tomorrow.

For me the Dewee label is absolutely killing it. The records consistently stand out from the norm and are sonically incredible. It certainly looks and sounds like a proper label with a real identity. Hopefully the Dewaele brothers continue to release/oversee more. These are followed by two beautiful late night/early morning life affirming heartbreakers. Enjoy!

Get Into The Grove

From making tunes to making tees, Tom Millionhands in his Tee Mango guise has had a cracking year! Great album, singles, edits and to round off an all killer no filler four tracker on Clone’s Royal Oak, he’s definitely been on a bit of a roll. Here are five tried and tested Tom Mangan favourites.

This never fails to raise a cheer in a club, a proper hypnotic roller!

Cut and paste sampling workout executed in a kinda KDJ vein.

Sometimes all you need are some good drums and a few synth lines.

Great house music from a great artist on a great label = no brainer.

Stripped back but the power is definitely switched on, in this track from a new collaborative project with Will Saul.

Always On Trax

Optimo, in all their forms, have and continue to be a massive influence on me. From frequenting their nights in The Sub Club (and various other places), to listening to the NTS shows as well as buying pretty much anything that has their stamp on it. Rather than resting on their laurels they continue to go from strength to strength.

One of their sub-labels is about to be put on ice for a while, Optimo Trax – pausing/stopping after 33 releases to make way for something else. I for one can’t wait to hear what’s in store next.

Below are 5 that I particularly love…