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Second recording from our recent night in the Menagerie HERE, as the place filled up we picked up the vibe and tempo a touch!

Ménage à trois

What a great night we had last Friday in the Menagerie, thanks to everyone who attended, we were blown away by the turn out. It felt so nice to be back in there, playing 6hrs of whatever we wanted and with plenty of time to build the night. We are gonna share three live recordings from the night, starting with doors open.

Streamable/downloadable link is available HERE!

Stockholm Syndrome

Svek was a great indie imprint that came out of Stockholm in the late 90s – early 2000s. The best thing about them was the diverse range of their output (a lot of the gold coming from Jesper Dahlbäck aka the Persuader) from disco flecked house to dubby electronics and peaktime bangers.

Here are five in my opinion that are still go to go…

The Dark Arps

We love sleazed out Italo grooves (who doesn’t), like acid it’s a sound that always seems to make sense in our sets, especially in a dark sweat box with a subby sound system. So here is a little free rub on the late night neon tip from us plus some favs that are frozen in relevant time.


So BB2 is in all good stores right about now and already sold out in a few too. Piccadilly blowing us away once again with another crazy review, so happy they got the Black Cock vibe off Roller as those releases are such a big influence on certain aspects of what we do!

The Pummelling Repetition Inside

Some tracks move in subtle ways,

evolving and mutating yet remaining the same,

they draw you in and get inside your head,

different textures and emotions,

marching to the beat of the heart.

Below are some quality jams … plus a little EDIT in this vein from us.