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Trippin’ On MD

Big one ahead this Sunday night as we support one of our fav bands in the Ulster Sports Club. The amazing Minami Deutsch stop off in Belfast for Strange Victory events on their current world tour. The Japaneese kraut rock specialists also put out some of our fav music on the great Hoga Nord who recently released our own 7″, double celebrations this Sunday.

Five reasons why we rate MD below…

Big In Belgium

The Glimmers/Glimmer Twins always had a sense of fun about them. Passionate music lovers no doubt – but they never took the scene too seriously. David and Mo could effortlessly move around genres without losing the dance floor. Just check out their comps for proof. 

Bless You, Thank You, Miss You, Have A Nice Day

Sound Metaphors know where it’s at. Quality shop, label, re-issuer and dab hand at left field edits (often with a nice sense of humour). You really get the feeling that they know their stuff but can still have a laugh with it.

Dutch Disco Don

Loud-E is the kind of DJ if you were lucky enough to hear, would have you running up to the booth for endless id requests until you gave up asking and just danced. When not trawling through record shops, flea markets and damp basements, he sometimes puts out rather excellent edits aimed at the more open minded disco DJ.
5 below.



One man who has been a consistent force in house & techno for decades is Chicago’s Ron Maney aka DJ Skull. His understanding of groove and rhythm is second to none imo and I love the way he can flit between peak time drum machine techno, deeper synth based jams or disco & jazz flecked house.

If you didn’t already know, five below to get you started…

The Midas Touch

Let’s be honest, so much electronic music gold has come out of Glasgow over the years. A city which seems to have a a proper understanding of machine made soul.

I’ve loved this GT crew for a while, everything I’ve heard is fantastic but if you didnae already know, here’s five to get you started…

Then go check the rest!

Label Love – Ze Records

I love this New York label. Cool and camp but with a punk attitude. It delivered plenty of hits and I just can’t imagine this type of ‘thing’ happening again – August Darnell and Suicide on the same label (wtf). However, that’s what you get when you have a label founded by the heir to the Mothercare fortune and a boutique owner from Paris mixing it in down town New York. Plenty of comps and re-issues about, so the records are easy to come by  – if you don’t already have them in your collection. Below are 5 of many I love…

Praise Them

It’s not easy to make great club music utilising uplifting gospel & soul samples but when executed properly and dropped at the right point they can indeed raise the spirits.

Here are five that never fail and also the first in our Black Bones dub series, with a little reprise of a Twinkie edit that we dubbed out specially for those lights up moments!