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Michel Baumann RIP 1972 – 2021

Very sad to hear of the tragic passing of Michel Baumann (AKA Soulphiction/Jackmate) this month. Fourty nine years is a heartbreakingly short time on this planet.  For me he was someone who made deeper electronic music that was never dull, yet full of personality & raw soul.

His ongoing input into the house music world will be no doubtedly be missed but his back catalog revisited forever.

Five MB favs below…


Who are you calling a tool ?

Any good DJ worth their salt knows the importance of a good dj tool. These tracks on their own don’t often add up to much but mixed in with other tracks do the trick for the dancers. These types of records rarely leave the bag and can really help join the dots in and out of different genres. I’ve picked the classic label ‘Rockin House’ to highlight these sort of drum workouts. Some on this list you might argue are more than just dj tools, but they are quite brilliantly basic and do the job – so good enough for me.

Volta Geist

One electronic producer I have loved across the last three decades is Morgan Geist. A true master of synths and drum machines, NY disco and 80s electro influenced but with a modern sensibility. His Metro Area project with Darshan Jesrani is another first class example of modern synth music and his Environ label is beautifully doing it’s own thing!

Five MG favs below…

Waiting For Goddard

Cherrystones has been at it for years. Compiler, remixer, editor, producer, ace dj. Doing his thing his way – without compromise. Sometimes in fashion, sometimes not. I don’t think he really cares what you think, as he does it because he loves music. One thing is for certain – he knows his stuff better than most. His passion and knowledge are undeniable and stands as an example of what it should really be about.


Rajko Müller aka Isolée is an artist who follows no trends within electronic music and does his own thing with sound design. The productions are always distinctly unique, yet varied in style & consistently interesting.  I first discovered him via the great Playhouse label the late nineties and he’s been a constant background force in out there electronics ever since.

Below are five that highlight using melody sparingly has way more impact…