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Bass & Drums, Keep You Dancin’

In the lead up to the next BB 12″ coming out in July, we are gonna focus on some aspects we love in music. Starting with KEEP DANCIN’ our Chris Issak edit, where his live bass and drums are married in dubbed out bliss…

Also below a selection of some firm favourites from the same haunting and reverbed territory.

London Calling

After the US paved the way and before Germany and Holland properly took hold, the UK (London in particular) held the crown for well over a decade with some of the best labels and output in electronics by a mile. Nuphonic was one of the most important imprints, with a hefty back cat that we often revisit in DJ sets because it’s so on point with many releases still sounding timeless. Here’s a recap on some favourites…

It put out great records that blurred the boundaries between genres in the best possible way.

Motif – with the kind of dubbed out, loose non-polished house music we lap up.

Pepe Braddock on the remix means only one thing, genre defying quality.

Block 16 again, this time in original form with a weird slice of electro influenced club business.

Xpress II’s Diesel flying solo with a piece of ace hypnotic deepness.

They also birthed the ace spin off label Tirk, which put out gold like this.

Their compilations were among the best around, all killer no filler affairs covering all the areas between house, disco and more and included Andrew Weatherall’s – Nine O’ Clock Drop which featured the above weapon.

The Idjut Boy’s Saturday Nite Live is another stand out Nuphonic compilation. It skirts effortlessly between dub, disco, afro, techno & jazz, reinforcing great djs don’t stand still in their sets.

The label was responsible for two superb Loft compilations, celebrating some of David Mancuso’s selections.

 Nuphonic released this great Harvey Remix, way before the world and his wife were claiming to be life long fans.

Do yourself a favour and scoop this Р34 copies at £1.99 is criminal. You can thank us later!