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Hopping Around

One label I have a lot of love for (I was partly educated on a lot of their output in the 90s) and seem to have amassed a fair portion on the black round stuff, is the UK’s ace Peacefrog Records. I loved their varied tastes which ranged from the new crop of Chicago to peaktime techno and off kilter jazz and funk, these guys only had one thing that united their broad palette and that was warmth & soul. Impossible to pick five, so below are ten I was raised on that are still good to go!

Rockin’ House

Rodney Bakerr is an underground legend, a pioneer of the Chicago house scene. He’s not really given as much love as some of the others from that Chicago era. However, for me he is up there with the best. He produced the kind of stripped back, raw dance music that I can’t get enough of.
So here you go Rodney, have some BB love… Here’s 5 that sound amazing pumped out on a big system in the early hours.

Bassett’s Allsorts

There’s some hype around this man these days and deservedly so. He’s always been a bit of a maverick, flying his own flag and sticking to his guns (almost literally) and come good for it. I was drawn to his records in my teens because they always sounded a bit rough and ready and had a different kind of energy compared to a lot of other stuff that existed on 12″ at that time. Also, like all the best djs and music makers, I love his diversity. One track might be a dub heavy percussive cut, another an italo infuenced peak time number, next a raw disco or soul edged edit. Some deserve the hype, some it’s hard to argue a decent case for but there’s definitely only one DJ Harvey.

Dear Santa…

Mr Bones and I are always talking about records that are naive, by that we mean not polished to within an inch of it’s life, they sound like whoever was making them did it for the love and nothing else. Below are 5 tracks that really embody this spirit.

I don’t actually own any of these (sob) as they are out of my price range but maybe one day!

Tolouse And To Win

Some people seem to master the art of hypnotic grooves that are in no rush to go anywhere but you can listen to on loop for hours. T.L.T are masters of this craft and create trippy records that open rooms and set the early tone of nights so perfectly. Here are five that draw you in and in…