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Born out of being bored (aren’t most good things) of the minimal scene in Berlin at the time – Cocktail d’Amore grew from a party to a label. Always worth dipping in to see what they are up to.

Mammarella Is Fab

Someone I always check from the modern electronics world is Fabrizio Mammarella, he makes new music with a raw edge, making it hard to date and therefore has a timeless feel. Essentially he’s got the balance just right.

Five from the Italian powerhouse below…



A Dark Waltz

Another quality label slowly & steadily pushing their sound without much fanfare.
Pitched down, dark room material at it’s best.
These types of labels and artists are really what keeps ‘it’ alive for me… Excellent sound sludge.

LA Takedown

When it’s that time of the night needing pressure for the floor or when playing huge spaces like festivals etc, this is a guy I reach for a lot. LA based Truncate makes the kind of stripped back club music that rolls and jacks but also packs funk.

Five below from a modern day techno maestro…