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Pretty sure I first discovered Dutch electro powerhouser Remy Verheijen via a Jockey Slut cover mount cd about 16 years ago.

I then went on the hunt for the 12″ of “I Don’t Care”, love at first sound as I’ve been into his music ever since.

Here’s five I like to play a lot…

Dutch Disco Don

Loud-E is the kind of DJ if you were lucky enough to hear, would have you running up to the booth for endless id requests until you gave up asking and just danced. When not trawling through record shops, flea markets and damp basements, he sometimes puts out rather excellent edits aimed at the more open minded disco DJ.
5 below.


In The Zone

Amazing house music has exactly the right amount of elements, enough left in and equally important, adequte amounts stripped out. Therefore these records remain perfectly frozen in time. Record labels like Nu Groove, DJ Pierre’s Wild Pitch sound and early Todd Terry productions spring to mind and when David Morales puts the big diva stylings to the side and goes deep, dubby and late night, he nails that red light, sweat drenched basement vibe.

The Red Zone is for life!

Mond Musik

Alexander Arpeggio doing the hard work so you don’t have to – re-releasing obscure and killer private press nuggets.