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Only The Lonely

There are few people who’s names crop up regularly between myself and Mr Black in our music convos. Mr Weatherall is one and for obvious reasons, because of his constant musical evolution, his great DJ sets and his pigheaded mission to follow no one. One personal favourite of his many projects was the Two Lone Swordsmen double act with Keith Tenniswood. It covered everything from weird stripped back house to fuzzy electro and dubby rock music.

Here are five from that chapter…

I-F Not Why Not?

I-F is a legend. Pure and simple. He is going to do whatever he likes and couldn’t give a toss about fads and trends. Every so often he gets some love, but to be honest he puts most djs and labels to shame. He knows his shit. Viewlexx is the label he has ran for over 20 years and it’s consistently great. There wasn’t much thinking to the ones I wanted to list, these were the first five I grabbed from my shelves.

All killer no filler.

Ned’s Atomic Mixin’

Some people are amazing at reworking other peoples music, Ned Pegler (aka Medlar) is one. He’s also not a one trick mode kind of a guy, as he is as adeft at reworking a disco classic as he is on a deep, afro or electro workout. Here’s four killer reinterpretations (and one of him) that i’ve hammered by one of the UK’s finest remixers…

Techno Primitivism – DAF

Every few years this band seem to get ‘rediscovered’. It’s because their brand of raw and at times brutal electronics will never sound dated. Quite close to Suicide in terms of political stance and sonics married with equally interesting and arresting imagery. They were the total package. Many have tried to imitate but few have managed to get right, proving that make music this stripped back and dynamic takes serious chops.