Archive | December, 2019

2019 Ghent Way

One thing Mr Black and I both agree on is just how great a label Deewee is. A modern imprint of quality electronics packed with personality in the sea of forgetable coffee table synth music that was 2019 and for that reason it’s my label of the year!

Brummies Know Best

Some rave straight outta Birmingham. Network Records, now getting the re-issue treatment I saw recently, although I think their releases are easy to pick up for cheap. That being said sometimes hard to get a nice clean copy as these tunes were loved and battered by DJ’s up and down the country, from house parties to massive raves. My favourite thing I read about this label is that they hired a guy called Andy Stanley known as DJ Stan The Devil Tune Man, who (amongst other roles for the label) did van sales. Love it!

Justus Served

Well that was a heavy weekend, gonna’ call it practice for Christmas. If like me you need your head sonically soothed today, get on these beautiful synth workouts and Alan Parsons Project cover by Justus Kohncke. Ouch!

Musique Pour La Danse

Interesting reissue label compiling tracks from the underground. You can tell that they are releasing music they feel needs another airing rather than what is necessarily on trend.

Hungry Troxler

I remember suggesting and booking this guy as a guest for a club I was resident for in Belfast, the fee was only a few hundred €€€ at the time. Most of my guest suggestions around this period, came from a quick flick through my record bag and seeing whose name kept repeatedly popping up.

Essentially the booking happened because of the tracks below, sadly he’s not done a huge amount on the production side focussing more on social media promotion instead.