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Something a bit different this week thanks to Sonic Boom digging into what made him and Jason tick. Nothing particularly strange, startling or rare on this lp but ‘Spacelines’ is pound for pound one of the best put out and an interesting insight into a fantastic band. I normally find if you can get four tracks you really love on a comp then its pretty good, but this one is pretty much all killer no filler, just need to skip the Rolf Harris track on this gem! (no honestly)

S.B. (Simply Bicknell)

I remember getting S.B. project records as a teenager and thinking I’ll prob be able to play these handy DJ tools forever. Fast forward two decades later and I’m still playing them. Steve Bicknell, another who was light years ahead via his labels, output and club nights.

Five hypnotic S.B. project essentials below, plus a little dub  HERE  from us of what is rumoured to be his first studio output.

I Declare

Definitely a snapshot in time. I’m jealous of those that walked into a club or rave (or back room pub) and heard this stuff on a really good system for the first time, bit before my time unfortunately. It’s kind of perfect early doors music. Great programming and sampling, done with a genuine passion rather than opportunism. Then ‘Big Beat’ came and shat all over this stuff like a dodgy pigeon. I still think a lot of this cut and paste style production sounds amazing compared to the polished polite insipid soul of today.

Banks On It

Mad Mike Banks & Underground Resistance, it’s hard to put into words the importance of the amazing UR movement. A multitude of releases, remixes, artists, sub labels, collaborations & distribution has created a huge wide spread back catalogue of amazing machine made soul. Mad Mike is indeed a true inovator & leader!

Ten (because I couldn’t limit to five) I always return to below…


I could go on and on about Kraftwerk and their influence on me but that’s not really what this site is about. Less words more lists. However when you learn about the death of one of your favourite artists it definitely stops you in your tracks and makes you appreciate their genius and be grateful that you got to hear some of what was inside their head. Kraftwerk’s music touched/es and influences so many, 5 examples below.

Some quite faithful, others less so.