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There is a definite art to using the correct amount of ingredients and not spoiling the dish by adding a touch too much. Mathew Jonson has this approach down to a fine art on his musical compositions and various side projects. In DJ sets Dump Truck by Cobblestone Jazz in particular is a track that I always seem to return to, every time sounding fresher than the last outing with a hypnotic build that connects with the dancefloor every single time!

Here are five MJ essentials…

Night Music

Dark Entries is a label that is hard to keep track of. They have released and re-issued over two hundred records in a relatively short period of time. Their sounds range from primitive house to post punk and all that lies in between the darker recesses of the dance floor. Basically all the good stuff.

Below are five must have classics picked from their extensive re-issue back cat.

Clocking on

I love these guys a lot, in a time of precise, polite, over produced club music, Factory Floor stand out as a beautiful raw force to be reckoned with. Mr Black and I always love bands who nail club music for DJs to play and put simply, they make records we love to play in dark rooms with good sound systems. Also, found out recently that they had remixed one of our favourite local bands, therefore adding the FF stamp to the local music history timeline.

If you didn’t already know, clock on with the five below…

Hip Pop Punk Funk

Trevor Jackson is going through a bit of a revival of late. Not that he ever went away in my head. He strikes me as a guy who is always making something – even if it isn’t music. Restless. His brain always whirring – in need of a creative release. Relishing the opportunity to play his finds on NTS. Forever a fanboy.

I for one was delighted to listen to his cathartic clear out of old tracks sitting in the vaults and can’t wait to hear what he has up his sleeve in the future. As a dj and compiler, he is equally at home championing a definition of pop from his extensive record collection or hiding in a dark basement playing speaker shredding obscure wavs from the outer reaches of the internet. Always searching, always interested.