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Back To Bergen

Annie posted an image of herself and Tore Andreas “Erot” Kroknes on her instagram account over the weekend along with a heartfelt message about her personal relationship with him. Tore tragically passed away in 2001 due to heart complications aged a mere 23 years old. Annie’s post got me thinking about the records I own by him that I adore and still sound fresh nearly twenty years later. Loose rolling drums, loads of dubby delay treatments and always with a rough disco/funk edge. Erot really did have his own style and the mark that he left behind although sadly cut short was incredibly special.

Five with his unique touch below…

Have you ever Hiverned

Great little edits label run by John Talabot. Nice to hear some leftfield cuts rather than the disco norm. Lots of personality on display and just the type of records that never leave the bag.

Cali 1980

US band Zru Vogue have been recording for decades, I love them most in woozy guitar, weird drum programming and tripped out vocal mode. Kinda touches of Talking Heads, Simple Minds, ACR & other bands who make club music in a unique way.

Here are 5 from their back cat that sound great in the dark.

Alternative Funk

Platform 23 is probably my favourite label ran by Stuart Leath aka Chuggy. He actually co-runs this one. Everything he touches is pretty much gold, but to my ears this stuff finds my sweet spot every time. A bit more left field in general but still with one squinty eye on the dance floor.