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Let’s Meet At The Moon

If you are not already aware, then we tip you to check out fellow Belfastian L.O.R (Lunar Orbit Rendezvous) who has just dropped his debut album.

His tracks, remixes and edits have been sneaking their way into our DJ sets over the past few years, always sound so deftly strripped back & sonically beautiful in clubs as much as at they do on a home turntable. Here our five i’ve taken out for a spin more than a few times.

Also worth tracking down is his amazing remix of DAF.

Straight Outta Cologne

Kompakt records is still going strong after all these years. They are a label with a deep back catalogue and a strong vision and sound. Although I can’t profess to loving everything they do, they were definitely a label that opened my ears to a certain strand of Techno and beyond. I’ve selected 5 below that I will always go back to.

For The Love Of God

These records are amazing, if you see any of this EROS series, simply grip them on sight! They touch on alot of the important things I want to hear in dark rooms, chuggy hypnotic disco, machine drum workouts, great vocals & sleazy basslines. Their choppy style of arrangement means they have a great energy to them, always work the floor and stand out on the night. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…

Bargain Bin Is Where It’s At!

One of the things I think is important if you are involved in the sheer madness of buying records (and I know you are) is not to fall into the trap of spending silly money on so called rare records that you don’t really love anyway. We’ve all done it. More importantly for me is finding the forgotten b side on a cheap record. There’s plenty of amazing records out there for only a couple of quid if you do a bit of digging that blows any rare african synth private press b-side out of the water. Although if you have a copy of that private press hit me up and maybe we can do a swap!

Below are five that I picked at random from my records that are ‘common as muck’  and all available for only a couple of quid.