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No Ordinary Monkey

Forget the terrible label names – Golf Channel/Edit Channel have been releasing quality originals and edits for over 10 years. Just quietly going about their business releasing what they want, when they want. Below are five that I always go back to.

A Trip To The Bordello

One of best things about visiting cities is getting the chance to dig in interesting stores for brand new/forgotten gold. Last year at ADE I dragged my wife to Rush Hour and then later accidentally a Clone pop up store aka as a double result. So this year I decided to check out what Bordello A Parigi (a compact store near the red light district, jam packed with great music) had to offer and a second hand fair at the Volkshotel.  Here are a few scooped on this trip.

Sprinkled With Magic

Some people just do their own thing regardless of any fads and trends that spiral in and out around them and I’m generally drawn to those people. Terre Thaemlitz aka DJ Sprinkles is def one person doing things on their own terms and as a result creates timeless headphone trips & dubbed out club bliss. I keep returning to these tracks with each listen sounding more and more special.

Here are five all sprinkled with that magic!

Label Love – Ze Records

I love this New York label. Cool and camp but with a punk attitude. It delivered plenty of hits and I just can’t imagine this type of ‘thing’ happening again – August Darnell and Suicide on the same label (wtf). However, that’s what you get when you have a label founded by the heir to the Mothercare fortune and a boutique owner from Paris mixing it in down town New York. Plenty of comps and re-issues about, so the records are easy to come by  – if you don’t already have them in your collection. Below are 5 of many I love…