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Mills & Boom

To say Jeff Mills is prolific is an understatement. He’s been at the forefront of ground breaking electronics since he was a teen in Detroit. Another who’s music always sounds beamed in from another galaxy and a man fond of a concept or two. I have loved his latin flecked Purpose Maker 12″ series as a wide eyed teen then DJ and have both heard and played these DJ tools a stack of times, always to devastating effect. Everyone already knows the Bells but here are five other timeless PM club grooves that when put into the right point in the night, never fail to work the room over.


Tried and tested – these records never fail. MMM know how to work a floor and a sound system. Making it appear so simple – when it really isn’t. These tunes will never date and a definite influence on many producers as how to work a few key sounds in the mix.

Buckle Up

Morgan Buckley is an artist that has stood out to me in recent times. There is always a certain sense of looseness to his musical output, while always doing it’s own unpredictible thing.

Here are 5 gems from the Irish producer.

Perfect Platform

Bahnsteig 23 was a lovely edits label that focused on putting out tracks for the weirder end of the dancefloor. Like a darker cosmic sound. A little bit wrong but better for it. The types of tracks that people ask about and stay in your bag for the right moment.