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Perfect Pop

As we cling onto Summer here are some timeless classics to keep you in the party mood. Fuzz Dance hit a sweet spot in the 80’s releasing some cracking Italo pop that seems to never date.

All Corners Covered

From the more modern side of things, one imprint I have been loving the output of is “On The Corner Records”.  As a label it’s got a perfect mix of more traditional sounds and out there electronics and constantly surprises with it’s releases.

Below are five OTC gems…

Funkiest Frank I Know

We like to mix the new and the old on this blog and with some clubs slowly coming back to life I thought it was apt to post 5 from the master Frank De Wulf. A lot of stuff can date poorly due to samples now deemed naff or tired drum loops but Frank’s stuff still sounds great to my ears. Just pure joy if dropped at the right time. Again the art of less is more…

Detroit & Chicago Forever

Another two absoloute innovators have left the planet. It seems once again the artists we owe for the origins of everything are fading away. People who made music based on a feeling and packed with personality are being replaced with soundalikes who buy followers and release a new press pic over releasing cutting edge music. A sad sign of the times.

RIP Kelli Hand & Paul Johnson, thank you for the music!

Bless You, Thank You, Miss You, Have A Nice Day

Sound Metaphors know where it’s at. Quality shop, label, re-issuer and dab hand at left field edits (often with a nice sense of humour). You really get the feeling that they know their stuff but can still have a laugh with it.