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If looking for modern sounds for the floor, then check London duo Two Shell who make club music with a different kinda’ swing. Touches of garage, broken beat and detroit techno all compound to make for some of the best programming around.

Five 2S favs below…

Are You Listening?

Classic (early) Planet E Communications. Founded by Carl Craig in ’91 and housed A LOT of his amazing productions. I’ve gone for 5 that I don’t think he had a hand in, but I could be wrong. Just raw, soulful (but never dull) electronic music.


Been loving the raw energy of Chicago’s Jamie 3:26 for a while. He seems to have that skill for making, editing & blending, house, disco, funk and techno in a similar way to how Ron Hardy jacked the party,  must be a Chi-town thing!

Five J326 favs below…