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Drop The Lime & Embrace The Cursed

One part psychobilly, one part techno, one part shoegazer pop.

If The Jesus & Mary Chain, Joy Division & The Meteors had colaborated and Moroder & Rushent had shared production duties, it may well have sounded like this…

Berlin Super 80

As Berlin knows no closing time new arrivals were initially struck by the city’s excessive nightlife. A diverse club and bar scene emerged. To this end, we became nocturnal creatures: dressed in black, cool, pale, untouchable. Naturally , this draining lifestyle called for the right ‘helpers’, especially speed.
Berliners firmly believed: newcomers who managed to stick out their first six months would stay, all others would quietly slip away again.
This is what they danced to…


One man who has been a consistent force in house & techno for decades is Chicago’s Ron Maney aka DJ Skull. His understanding of groove and rhythm is second to none imo and I love the way he can flit between peak time drum machine techno, deeper synth based jams or disco & jazz flecked house.

If you didn’t already know, five below to get you started…


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(above taken from Hoga Nord discogs page…spot on)