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Play Or Get Played

What is it with Detroit? The motor city just keeps on pumping out the finest electronic music decades later. Omar S is part of the current wave that continues the less is so much more approach, keeping things imperfectly perfect and unpolished.

Hints of motown, 80s pop and jazz but all with that raw Detroit soul, five essential Omar jams below…

Banging’ In Banbury

The man they call Plastik showcasing his midas touch to the remix. They don’t make them like this anymore.- he certainly doesn’t. A bit like Carl Craig, he can make apparently very little hold your attention for a long time. The masters of groove and space.  Pretty sure they are all still super cheap to pick up and sound amazing coming out of the speakers.

This Planet Is Under Attack

Luke Slater, what an absolute don! He has kicked dance floors to pieces for as long as I can remember and right up to the present day. His latest album on Ostgut Ton is a perfect example of  a modern techno masterpiece and his L.B. Dub Corp project, a masterclass in synth & drum machine soul.

Most definitely one of the UK’s finest, 5 favs below…

Dear PSB

Dear Pet Shop Boys,
These demos are the best. Please can you sort it out with Bobby ‘O’ and get them remastered and released ASAP!
P.S. If you have one of those boots please hit me up.
Much love