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Luke Vibert is another one of those prolific people, who is a master of any style he dips in and out of. He’s been around forever, constanty contributing great music across the board.

As per, here are five favs I always come back to.

Audion and on…

In my head this is the sound of Matthew Dear staying up for a couple of days and going into the studio to make some stripped back techno for the big room. Suitably twisted for dark rooms and sweaty walls.

Wham Bam Thank You Slam!

We were having a convo recently and Aaron was telling me he had bought his first ever Slam remix (the last selection here, one I was unaware of) and mentioned he didn’t know that much about their history. Everyone knows the seminal Positive Education (a peak time Altered States) but here are some others I always return to from Scottish house and techno institution Stuart & Orde.

Some nerve!

Moxie edit label ran from 2002 – 2010 but yet it seems like yesterday I was buying these records up. Normally one will find its way into my bag when d’jing. Still super cheap to buy – they do what edits should, which is make you want to play them loud for people to dance to. Simple but effective.