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BT (No Not That One)

Aaron switched me on to a Bell Tower’s record years ago and I instantly loved the vibe. It had a great trippy loose feel, often missing from modern electronics and as a result I’ve checked anything with his name on it since. Sometimes poppy, drum machine heavy and great choppy edit action. Below are five favs from Australia’s BT…


With lockdown in full flow, now is the perfect opportunity to properly listen through all the piles of music I need to get to. However, I kind of just want to listen something familiar (for now) and reggae hits the sweet spot.
5 quite obvious but excellent ones below.


A New Sharif In Town

Sharif Laffrey is someone i’ve championed for a while. He makes the kind of club music I lap up, raw, punchy with loads of switches and sometimes flourishes of hip-house. Always great to see him popping up on remix duties too, most recently for Cowboy Rhythmbox and Ruf Dug and lets be honest, often stealing the show. A guy doing his own thing, sticking to his guns and eventually winning the whole town over.

Five sure shots from the Sharif below…


Malka Tuti

Perhaps we have already posted about this label before, if not I’m sure some of their tracks have made it onto one of our lists. They are just a really consistent label in sound and art, with a clear vision for the more interesting and trippy dance floor. In other words right up our street.
Also a good soundtrack for those head clearing walks…