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Jamal Moss, man of many aliases and purveyor of bad ass music. Through his sprawling archive there are many moments of genius. Screw all this polite, safe, paint by numbers dance music, Jamal is definitely not playing the game.

Like Ron Hardy if he had been kipping in a squat for a few weeks and had been given access to a load of old hardware and not much sleep.

Space & Delay

We both adore those records that do everything with nothing, what they leave out as important as what they include. Version is one of those imprints that borrows heavily from a dub mindset, loads of delay, space and hypnotic rhythms. Orson heads things up by keeping with a brief that means all the output interconnects.

Check that Yak Mido for a sure fire percussive club no that always slays!

Takin’ It Easy

Now the weather is (sort of) on the turn and our hopes and dreams turn to Summer, I have dug out some of New York’s finest – Easy Street. Not all of the output on this label is to my taste, but a lot of their dubs are sublime.
As per usual 5 below that I like to play and the last one a big dumb dj tool that can on the right occasion work!

(No Dub of this on youtube but it’s great)

(Nevins putting a donk on it – don’t judge it until you play it out!)


Five From The Floor

Thanks to everyone who came down last Friday night, from our perspective we don’t feel it could have gone any better.

Great venue,  sound system, audience and the warm up was easily the best we’ve had to date.

Here are five we played that raised a cheer on the night!

Never Never

This Friday night we are having a little soirée in one of our favourite new venues in the city (Blaklist) alongside the Never Never guys.

These two gents are currently introducing Belfast’s streets to great threads from around the world, as well as having amazing taste in music.

They have guest selection honours on the site this week before they kick off the music on Friday from 9pm.

Here are five sonic gems from never never hq and the reasons why…

Superpitcher – Snow Blind. Both of us are big Kompakt fans and who better to choose than Kompakt stalwart Superpitcher.

The Black Dog – Witches Ov. Was lucky enough to catch a rare live set in Fabric about 10 years ago. One of the best club experiences I’ve had.

oqbqbo – Linen Streams. Bit obsessed with Posh Isolation at the minute.

Tirzah – Devotion. Beautiful, imperfect pop, getting a lot of plays over past few months.

Milo – Failing The Stress Test. Fuck all that mainstream bollocks – this is proper modern rap.