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Nod To Noid

The Idjuts always do their own thing. I always feel they don’t get as much credit as they should. If you’ve ever heard their music out on a big system then you will know what I’m on about.

5 drummy dubby disco treats from their very consistent edit label below.

By Joseph

One producer that has caught our ears repeatedly over recent years is Joe. His music really packs a punch and has stacks of personality, he sounds like no other with each record a different take on the last.

Five favs below, we wish there were more like Joe!

Quietly Championing Sounds

It was never gonna be a post about anyone else today. So here are five gems released by and given to me by the late, great Lyndon Stephens. I love them and shall adore just that wee bit more now.

From folk to garage via electronic bliss and hazy house, dig in…

Energy Flash

Dunno when Mr Beltram had time to sleep in the early 90s as he seemed to be making a lot of music. Most of it excellent. For my ears I prefer some of his less banging warehouse techno output that perhaps he is best known for. These records definitely still ‘bang’ though. Always stuff to uncover in his deep back catalogue. Quite the dude.