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In the words of Alan Partridge – ‘lovely stuff’ – from the mid 90s era Khan. I love the production as it keeps a live raw feel. Definitely not meant to be played through a laptop or phone – this needs either played on a good system or listened to on a decent pair of headphones. Music to get lost to but still bumps and most importantly is never boring.

Orbiting Earth

Someone who has really grabbed my attention via their production over the last couple of years is French born, Irish based Sputnik One (aka Jim Richard). His sense of rhythm & drum programming is incredible and has that balance of exactly what to leave out and what to leave in down, making for a very hypnotic timeless brew.

An artist with a very strong trajectory has entered our orbit!



Muzique Is Not For Everyone

Some rough & raw sounds coming out of Chicago from the golden olden days. This stripped back machine music never dates to my ears and always sound good in a club. We always bang on about how much we prefer this stuff to some (all) of the more produced & polite coffee table electronics out there – to which there is a lot.

This music feels like it was made quickly with very little equipment and sounds all the better for it.


On International Womans Day, no way I was posting any tracks by geezers/blokes/lads. Here are five favs from some fantastic producers, I have been following over the last few years. Equality on the floor, in the booth & everywhere!

A Nice Drop

Isle of Jura records is a re-issue label based in Australia. Taking their time to give us really nicely packaged and pressed perfect early doors or home listening records. These records all have a nice punch to them, so perfect on a nice system.