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Melvin Oliphant 111 knows where it’s at. Raw, stripped back Chicago sleaze, acid, house… You know the stuff we like, the stuff influenced by Ron Hardy! Great DJ and producer. Melvin understands the importance of keeping ‘dance’ music rough, not polishing the soul out of it and keeping the true spirit of house alive.

It’s Written In The Stars

Spencer Kincy aka Gemini is not only a very talented producer he could also ‘out mix’ most as well. For me his best stuff was when he kept it simple, rough and raw – best heard on large bass bins in sweaty basements. It’s well worth picking through his back catalogue to see how interesting a producer he was. Definitely part of Chicago house royalty. After banging out a vast amount of tracks before turning 30, he sadly developed mental health issues and has since disappeared from music (to my knowledge).
As usual I have picked 5 of my favs below.

In Flagranti We Trust

Mr Black and I have both shared a love for Swiss duo In Flagranti for quite some time now. A consistent force in left of centre dance floor music, that always has a driving psychedelic feel. A bit wonky, a bit trippy, a little bit sleazy disco but always with a heavy dose of funk & plenty of personality.

Here are five timeless killers from the duo and a little DUB we fashioned for our own sets. Enjoy!

à bientôt

In a world of fake popularity, spin and hype, guys like Paul Byrne we need now more than ever, it’s clear to see just how much thought and passion goes into everything he does. Big fans of his ace Apiento project and the excellent Test Pressing site. There is even talk of us getting into the studio together when things return to normal.

Fingers crossed for that but for now five I always return to…