Archive | October, 2017

Music For Early Floors

I really enjoy finding records to play at doors open and the earlier stages of the night. At that point you can really play from a wide range of sounds. Here are five pulled from a recent record bag.

Taken from his latest album. This song doesn’t do a huge amount but works the blues sample beautifully. It could easily have been total cheese, but manages not to be.

I could listen to this on loop all day. Hippy dance.

This sounds very balearic to me. Lovely stripped back production on this dub and sounds like they had been listening to Eno/Byrne.

Norwegian classic. Very addictive, but I wish it was longer!

Krikor continues to deliver again and again. Prince meets DJ Screw in a perfect sleazed out jam.

Italians Do It Better!

There was a period in the early to mid nineties when loads of great club music emerged from Italy. Most notably warm deep house music with amazing keys, quite often with the piano taking centre stage. These records have remained timeless and are often imitated but few come close. Here are five that are still good to go…


Pt three from the live recordings at the last Black Bones party HERE, we return this Friday night 13th October in a great new intimate space with a heavy sound system, The Art Dept Belfast. 

10pm – late, £5 on the door all night.