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Twenty Eighteen

Five Black…
It’s impossible to pick favourites from music I have loved in 2018.
Below are 5 that have definitely made me smile. All ridiculous, psychedelic and brilliant in their own way.
One is a 2018 reissue from 1996 – but who cares!

Five Bone…

Every year can be a great one for music of you care to dig, there is so much of a back log to wade through now from second hand to bandcamp and the relentless flow of new music.Below are five I loved in 2018!

Mind blowing future pop music from one half of Factory Floor! On repeat at home, in the car, festival and club sets this year.

Love this incredible album from head to toe, a proper headphone trip that was on repeat a lot, even soundtracking a few relaxing baths.

Phil has been on fire, from that killer DJ Hell remix to this percussive club workout and blissed out ambient tracks.

I’ve hammered so much of his music this past year, that I can’t wait to hear his output for 2019.

Hands down my fav club cut, this never failed to raise a cheer anywhere I played it all year. Deceptively simple and deadly!

Another essential body of work you really should check, then own is Neville Watson’s Midnight Orchard long player. A proper sonic masterpiece that was reminding me of Kenny Larkin’s great albums. A modern classic!


Leave Them All Behind

Some people tear up the rule book and do their own thing!

In the sea of soundalike, polished and italo infested modern electronics of the past few years, Whities have really stood out as a label forging new ground to me.

Below are five WR belters that I like to play a lot…

Let’s Get Emotional

Stuart Leath seems to have all the good records. Thankfully he’s of the giving kind and seems to spend a huge amount of his time and energy re-issuing them – beautifully – on his various ‘Emotional’ labels.

5 below that caught my ears. Dig in!

Pitch It Up Ya Jazzy C*#%!

There’s something about the German approach to electronics, that when executed to perfection appear precise and minimal yet in contrast sonically huge and like a wall of sound in a club environment! Someone who I often return to for those timeless right time, right place tracks is Aksel Schaufler aka Superpitcher.

Below are five with the super power…