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One man who seems to have dedicated a huge chunk of his adult life to the exploration of dub is Moritz Von Oswald, from Basic Channel to Rhythm & Sound, Version, Round 1-5 and beyond he has pretty much nailed every aspect and sense of dub influence in electronic music. He’s been a constant force in my understanding and knowledge of electronic music since I first heard Phylyps track on a club system as an over enthusiastic teen in the early nineties through to picking up great 12 & 7″s in his Hard Wax store in Berlin.

It should also be pointed out that he’s done a lot to champion the roots of Jamaican reggae culture in a positive non exploitative way. Proof it’s ok to take influence over ripping off.

As per, five favs below…

Drowning In Synth

I’m not normally a big fan of compilations, usually you are lucky if you can find three gems on them and the rest is just a bit meh. However with ‘Artificial Dancers – Waves of Synth’ Interstellar Funk has delivered an absolute blinder.

The kind of music I am yearning to hear loud on a good sound system. All killer no filler stuff.

Slave 4U

One UK imprint I always make sure to check in on is Matt Edward’s (aka Radio Slave) ace Rekids. It’s been consistent for almost two decades and like all the best labels has a varied approach to the range of styles and artists it releases from alongside a big artist presence from the label owner himself. Peak time techno & breakbeats to deep electronics and occasionally slow brooding downtempo vibes, all covered exceptionally well.

Easily one of the best back cats in the UK for me and with no signs of slowing down antime soon. As usual five favs below..

Dive In

Safe to say we are all missing the dancefloor by this point. I really miss that weird late night energy you only get when a bunch of people who hardly know each other get unordinarily close in a dimly lit room. Most times the best music for these moments is from the darker trippier electronic world. A true master of this sound is Raudive aka Oliver Ho, who when he mixes elements of techno, house, electro and at times even touches of glam rock, creates that perfect late night sleazed out vibe.

Five favs from Ho below…


Keith McIvor is not only one half of the tireless and inspiring DJ duo Optimo with Jonnie Wilkes, he also has an incredibly deep back catalogue of music to his various names. What he makes, edits or produces does give some insight into what you might hear him play out – he manages to seamlessly joins the dots across multiple genres while never losing that all important energy and fun.
5 below that highlight how Keith has taken his sonic experience from clubs into the studio.