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Always Making Always Shifting

The thing that I always admired about Weatherall was his work ethic. He enjoyed the process of making and he never seemed to take a break. Always at something, refusing to be pigeonholed. Realising the need to keep moving and mutating in order to keep himself creative and interested.

5 perhaps less well known below from his extensive and formidable back catalogue.

Sweeping The Boards

I’ve loved Mark Broom since I discovered him sometime in the nineties, mainly via his amazing Pure Plastic label. I’ve caught him DJing a few times and had the chance to play alongside him and he is an extremely down to earth individual (proving not all DJs are self obsessed arseholes). I love the fact he’s still as relevant, interesting with an relentless amount of gigs, remixes and output as ever. These kind of consistent types are generally the people who remain true to their original mission.

Five Broom’s from across the boards below…

Shame About The Name

James Pants is a great producer that can easily switch many styles – taking inspiration and influence from his deep and weird record collection. He does it all with a bit of laid back charm, which I think is lacking in a lot of today’s music. For me he has slightly gone under the radar over the years, even though he is on Stones Throw. I keep expecting him to have a big hit one day, but you get the feeling he is happy just doing his own thing, making music that he wants to on his own terms. Definitely worth digging round his back catalogue.


Matthew Herbert is a producer who truly does his own thing. His take on house and modern electronics always sound like no one else, yet regardless of genre always sound like him.

A man with his own stylings, here are five I always return to.