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Phlash London R.I.P

Another year, another legend departs. Deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Phil Asher, Ladbroook Grove don and all round top geezer. I never got to meet Mr Asher but I did meet a lot of his ace friends over the years and the kindness, generosity and wise advice he once gave to one of my own friends, I’ve never forgotten.

I play a lot of his productions and the fact he had multi projects, styles and pseudonyms on the go is very inspiring.

Ten touched by the hand of MPC king Phlash below…

Got Any Gary’s?

Gary Martin is a bit of an underrated Detroit producer. The sweet spot was in his early years and this stuff still sounds great. It has a certain punky rough quality that still shines through and bangs on a good sound system. Like a lot of quality underground electronic music you can still pick most of it up for cheap and proves you don’t need to spend silly money to get those little gems. Trust your own ears!

Drum Solo

There is a certain joy you can get as a DJ, when you stumble upon that drum track/percussive tool number, that you just know will hit a room square on and you are gonna’ be able to play forever.

Below are five stripped back percussive gems that span the decades and never fail to hit that spot in those things called clubs, rem them?

Joy Aversion

Someone who constantly pushes the envelope of modern electronics, doesn’t play it safe, collaborates with great artists & packs plenty of personality across his musical output/DJ sets is Peter O’Grady aka Joy O. IMO he’s one of the UK’s finest and most interesting artists and as a result always check anything with his name attached too.

Here are five joyous masterpieces…