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What’s The Score?

One of the best things about horror films is they often have the best scores.

So if you are gonna’ go concept on the music front, better make em count!

5 belters below…

Yakety Yak

Thank god for new blood such as Yak!

His amazing programming and solid understanding of percussion and rhythm is very refreshing in the current beigeness of coffee table synth house.

Here are five that ignite…


Sex Tags Mania

The Sex Tags crew can turn their hand to all sorts. I love the care free attitude of this label, they obviously know their stuff but it’s always done with a smile. Hefty and suitably odd back catalogue to go digging through for those that way inclined.

5 below as per usual.


The Outer Reaches

One of my all time favourite labels is Outer Rhythm which I believe was owned by Neil Barnes (one half of Leftfield) and operated between 89-92.

House music made with a dub mentality is the best way I can describe it.

Here are five, perfectly frozen in time…

Black In The East

Thanks to everyone who came down to ‘The Social’, had a ball playing that room on a Condesa. Below are 5 plucked from my bag.