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Still on a Manchester tip!

There is a shop here that unsurprsingly seems to have an endless stream of Factory records. I have a bit of a routine whereby I stop off on the way to the airport back to Belfast for a dig at the weekends. Recently I bought a couple of releases that I wasn’t aware of. One of those moments where you wonder why you didn’t know this stuff?

Anyway… It’s reminded me how ridiculously good, diverse and broad Factory and it’s offshoots were.

Five below that touch upon their genius.


Remember when MK was great?

No, well forget the recent tech house by numbers Marc Kinchen but in the early days, raw house so bloody amazing that it still works the room over today.

You know the drill by now, five still good to go below…

Pete Tong

It’s all gone a bit wrong out there in the real world. So here are five to soothe the soul…

Solid Grooves

I’ve collected most of Allen Saei’s records since the 90s because the music is always first class machine made soul.

Rough, raw and to this day still work a dancefloor over better than most 12″s.

Here are five Aubrey had a hand in & a recent remix of him that are all timeless late night jams…