Bone Five

I love a good disco chugger especially one from 1982 that’s still good to go. This is making we want to drink cocktails in white linen on a boat.

This EP is solid gold, it’s been on repeat around my gaff for months and another that has summer written all over it.

Love a lot of this guys music but this one kind of blew me away. File under something from a forgotten 80s soundtrack or a lost Simple Minds dub?

A sneaky find when rifling through one of best back cats recently was this electro gem by Aksel Friberg on Running Back. Good electro, like good acid is for life!

Picked this 2017 slow burner by Simoncino up in Berlin last weekend and it’s sounding like it could have been lifted from the Trax back cat. Slow brooding and drenched in the soul so many machine music tracks lack, this is a beauty!