Zone Out

…And breathe

Squarepusher can turn his hand to most things, even dub. So pretty – when that glockenspiel hits it kills me every time.

Early Forest Swords making some amazing bedroom hybrid of Ennio Morricone, gloomy post punk and kind of that really shit sad boy ‘r and b/hip hop’ that people seem to lap up. Somehow he manages to make it all come together.

Was going to write something then read a Discogs review which put it a lot better than I ever could. See below.

Vaguely macabre and menacing, mesmerising yet uplifting was “Maze (Long Version)”, a slo-mo-genre-crossing anthem for the chemically assisted that was both retro and futuristic back in 2010, and still is to this day. Disco, electro, synthwave and bass music are on a boat doing maximum purple syrup and here’s what you get. So much atmosphere in there.

Mmm that sax. I know it has the slight whif of Kenny G but it’s so addictive when wrapped around some lovely Japanese soft psych. DFA seemed to agree.

Hypnotic weird jazz classic. I know very little about jazz but I do know this is genius.