The Sensitive Touch

This very basecamp we created to share musical musings and generally keep us from creating a BB social media black hole, turns the grand old age of one this week. As we’ve hogged the weekly selections for the past 12 months, we are inviting our first guest to the party and we couldn’t think of anyone better to kick things off than Touch Sensitive bossman Mark Reid. He runs an incredibly good label in every sense and while some shout from the rooftops about everthing they’ve had for breakfast etc, others just get their heads down and quietly get things done, Mr Reid falls into the later category.

Below are five Mark has had on heavy rotation around his gaff of late and his reasons why…

Thought I’d go with a few recent purchases. Hope you dig!

Thanks to Black Bones for the shout.

Mark, Touch Sensitive Records.

Ramzi – Brazili

Loving everything coming from Glasgow’s 12th Isle crew. Their mixes and channels have led to me waste days down the Discogs/Youtube rabbit holes.

Godley & Creme – I Pity Inanimate Objects

I’m not totally up to speed on 10CC or G&C apart from the hits but have loved this odd track since hearing it on a Nite Jewel mix for Stones Throw years back. Was happy to find it in the bins in Malaga’s deadly ‘Mundo Vinilo’ ( Wish I could have afforded some of those Grabaciones Accidentales releases on the walls! 

Luka Productions – L’Excision

Really intriguing LP of African new age and ambient vibes that I kept returning to in late 2017 – released through the excellent Sahel Sounds label.

Cucina Povera – Elektra

Haunting and atmospheric LP of voice and electronics on the Night School label. An album that deserves your undivided attention – pulling you away from emails for 30 minutes.

The Fall – Leave The Capitol

If I’m honest, I’ve been listening to nothing but The Fall for a fortnight. RIP MES.