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Magic Mike

Mike Simonetti is a bit of a punk. Turning his hand to a broad spectrum of amazing music since way back, but always doing things his way. Whether as a label owner, dj, digger, producer or expert editor it’s always worth checking.

Five below that merely touch on what he can do.

Tokyo Pressure

Rewind to 1988 and a crew come label in Japan were crafting amazing, hip hop, funk and house. It had a fun cut and paste sensibility to it and spawned an entire scene that came after.  Headed up by Masayuki Kudo & Toshio Nakanishi (RIP) this output has remained ridiculously fresh considering it was conceived around 30 odd years ago.

Here are five MF cuts that are still good to go…

Raiding the crates

Between us both we’ve got broad tastes and love for a lot of music that spans many decades right up to the present day.

We tried to encapsuate just some of what we love into the next sixty minutes…


Brian, Bones, Bullitt

This Friday night, Low Profile gentleman Jonny Carberry has pulled together a night of fussy fuckers who absolutely love music for soundtrack duties in the Bullitt courtyard. Alongside JC’s own on point selections, London based, fellow NI man, canny selector and all round top spud Brian (Not Brian) Morrison and ourselves have been invited to play some of our favourite music in the open air. Spending years feeding the counter folk at some of London’s finest vinyl emporiums, collecting/playing black round things since the 90s and masterminding the labels Going Good and fledgling Midnight Drive means Brian has amassed great knowledge and an enviable record collection. We are looking forward to hearing what everyone selects on the evening . Great interview between JC & Brian with a few questions thrown in from us for the Thin Air guys can be found HERE.

It all kicks off 8pm this Friday night, costs absolutely nout to get in, so no excuses, get down & get your ears filled with great sounds!

*Feel free to buy us all pints.

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