The Genius Of David

David Cunningham is an underrated producer. He manages to combine peculiar kitchen sink percussion and a love of dub with an ‘art-school’ experimental cut and paste sensibility. I’m certainly not an expert on his many productions but if I see his name on something it’s always worth a listen. Below are five that have caught my attention from his extensive back catalogue.

This to me sounds like a David Cunningham tune that he has had The Electric Chairs play on. I wish I could find more music like this. The drums are amazing.

Covers and humour played a big part in his Flying Lizards project. Here he turns Sex Machine into something very different. Always makes me smile and dance.

David’s Wall of Sound.

Something to ease the pain. This beauty was recently put on a comp by the ever enlightening and reliable Optimo label.

Do you fancy hearing a strange dub version of Sun Ra? Well you’re in luck.