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For me one of the most prolific artists of modern times has to be Carl Craig, a man with a ridiculous amount of  pseudonyms and one of the best back catalogues in electronic music.

Here are ten from his vast repertoire that I adore, some well known, some not so much but all great.

Anyone who professes machine music has no soul, needs to get their listeners around this beauty.

He can even make Duran Duran sound good.

Twenty seven years ago he came from the future.

The art of the remix Pt 1.

Pt 2.

House music doesn’t really come much better than this weapon under his Paperclip People moniker.

Arp action executed with perfection.

Brass can sound absolutely shite in electronic music, then there’s this.

Here he teams up with Derrick May as Incogdo for a lesson in how to make raw piano house that’s remained timeless.

Hard to know what to say about this one, except it’s incredible.