Meecham & Meredith

I can’t think of two producers who handle their synths as well and have had a bigger impact on this industry as these two gentlemen. Through their various partnerships and solo endeavours and right back to their early contributions to UK rave culture. They have remained a consistent driving force.
Here are five reasons why we love them…

Despite the fact that chicken’s don’t really have lips, these chickens seem to know their way around dubby drums, p-funk guitar and synths with ease.

This remix never leaves our record bags because it’s a guaranteed party starter and is such a fine piece of work.

In Emperor Machine mode Andrew Meecham shows once again how to bring it to the remix table, coming over like Liquid Liquid after a night in the Paradise Garage. That string break…

Dean Meredith dons his TRO cloak for a team up with Eric Duncan on the ace Golf Channel. First class lesson in how to turn out raw acid funk here!

Let’s not forget this early beauty, if only all UK Rave records had dated this well!